MoD / Dstl Def Stan 61-5 Consultancy

MoD / Dstl Def Stan 61-5 EMC Consultancy

WEMEC staff has unique experience and knowledge of Def Stan 61-5 Part 6 (Issue 6). This unique knowledge was gained by acting as the lead technical advisor supporting Dstl during the update between issue 5 and issue 6.

WEMEC’s knowledge of Def Stan 61-5 Issue 6 has been recognised as invaluable as MoD/Dstl have contracted WEMEC to support them with all Def Stan 61-5 matters regarding the Scout SV program.

Def Stan 61-5 Issue 6 Nominal 12V and 24V DC Electrical Systems in Military Platforms was issued in February 2009. There was a requirement due to a number of electrical power quality issues found on platforms in various environments. Def Stan 61-5 Issue 6 was released with the purpose to address all the power quality issues identified at both platform and component level.

There are significant changes between issue 5 and issue 6. These include:

  • Specifies mandatory design requirements such as circuit protection, earthing, capacity and spare capacity, environmental de-rating requirements, wiring configurations, schematics
  • Mandatory requirement for a compliant PCDR (Power Critical Design Review). The PCDR documents compliance to the design requirements, test methods and limits
  • Enhanced platform test regime (Annex A) measurements including earth paths, voltage drop, over/under voltage, circuit protection, imported ripple and load dump
  • Enhanced component test regime (Annex B) measurements including inrush current at temperature extremes, isolation tests, conducted short transients and load dump

WEMEC offers efficient and cost effect consultancy and support in the following areas:

  • Platform or component assessment against the design requirements of Def Stan 61-5
  • Generate and maintain the Power Critical Design Review
  • Generation of the test plan and presentation to the prime or MoD
  • Pre compliance measurements and management of compliance measurements at a UKAS accredited test facility