Def Stan 61-5 / Def Stan 61-005

Def Stan 61-5 / Def Stan 61-005 Electrical Consultancy

The purpose of Defence Standard 61-5 Part 6 is to ensure electrical interoperability between military (ground) vehicular supplies and installed equipment requiring a DC supply for nominal 12V and 24V systems.

WEMEC staff have many years of unique experience and knowledge of Def Stan 61-5. This unique knowledge was gained by acting as the lead technical advisor supporting Dstl during the update between issue 5 and issue 6, provided key technical support to Dstl when writing issue 7 and by providing design, integration and test support to platform and equipment suppliers since 2005.

Def Stan 61-5 Part 6 Issue 7 was released in March 2020 and builds upon the design and test requirements which were introduced in Issue 6. The key elements of change are:

  • Revised definitions with respect to power systems and integrated equipment
  • The Power Control Plan is now only mandatory for platforms
  • The PCDR has been changed to a Power Control Plan and is now considered a living document and is required to be at specified levels of completeness for each program deign review i.e. PDR, CDR
  • To aid MOD Accreditors, Unique Identifiers have been introduced for each requirement
  • Each Unique Identifier has been given a priority, Mandatory and Priority 1
  • Clarification for Bespoke Platforms design requirements and equipment
  • Centralised Load Dump Suppression (CLDS) systems are mandatory for all platforms
  • Design and test requirements for circuit protection devices
  • Introduction of DET09.A Load Balance into Annex A
  • Introduction of DIT10.B Capacitance Isolation – static measurement

WEMEC’s knowledge of Def Stan 61-5 Issue 6 and Def Stan 61-005 Issue 7 has been recognised as invaluable to both MoD/Dstl and to the platform and equipment suppliers. WEMEC offers efficient and cost effect consultancy and support in the following areas:

  • Platform or equipment assessment against the design requirements of Def Stan 61-5
  • Technical design support to both platform and equipment suppliers
  • Generation and maintenance of the Power Control Plan and presentation to the prime or MoD
  • Generation of the test plan and presentation to the prime or MoD
  • Pre compliance measurements and management of compliance measurements at a UKAS accredited test facility