Problem Resolution – EMC Fixes

Problem Resolution - EMC Fixes

In an ideal world a product would be assessed and undergone pre-compliance measurements to reduce the risk of failure during compliance trials. WEMEC understands that this is not always possible due to tight program time frames or lack of product availability.

If in the event a product does not meet the necessary criteria to achieve compliance, WEMEC can support the Design Engineers or take the lead in developing a solution to gain compliance.

WEMEC has over 30 years modifying and re-designing products to meet the requirements of the most stringent industry standards. WEMEC has developed unique test methods and tools to investigate and engineer EMC modifications to ensure EMC compliance. Due to WEMEC’s wealth of experience, EMC investigation and solutions can be offered in a cost and time efficient manner.

It is important that the solutions offered can be engineered ensuring existing size, weight and cost constraints can be maintained. WEMEC has at its disposal design tools such as CAD modelling and 3D scanning equipment to ensure designs can be matured within the required constraints ready for manufacture.