Product Testing and Validation

Product Testing and Validation

In-Situ Testing

WEMEC specialises in in-situ testing to give the supplier confidence of performance before compliance trials, along with assurances of system interoperability when the product is in service. The following are examples of in-situ trials WEMEC can offer in the Land or Sea environments to a variety of different specifications:

  • Communications range trials
  • Radiated / conducted emissions
  • Conducted susceptibility
  • Transient immunity
  • Low level swept current and high level bulk current injection (subject to approval of
  • Ofcom test and development license)
  • Time domain transient emissions
  • RF Earth Bond strategy and measurement
  • Antenna Radiation Patterns (ARP)
  • RADHAZ or EMF surveys (in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2013/35/EU (formally 2004/40/EC))
  • Immunity to on-board transmitters
  • Assessments of inadvertent ignition of flammable atmospheres by radio frequency radiation
  • Shielding effectiveness measurements both conducted and radiated

Compliance Testing

We can offer interpretation and generation of test plans for compliance testing, along with an in-depth knowledge of test facilities and the experience of the logistics required to support the equipment under test (EUT). WEMEC has the experience and knowledge to manage small or large system compliance trials. If failures occur during trails, we can also offer our knowledge and expertise to find solutions to the failures.