Automotive Products

With ever increasing EMC threats, including radio signals and transients in the automotive environment, combined with reliance on technology for performance and safety and an ever increasing requirement to implement wireless systems and communications, it is essential that EMC is designed and tested for.

Manufacturers and suppliers need to demonstrate their product is fit for purpose and safe in order to achieve an E-Mark approval by fulfilling the requirements of UNECE Regulation 10.

Additionally, the vehicle manufacturers insist that suppliers test above and beyond the legislative requirements to ensure an increased robustness and confidence for the road user.

AfterMarket Devices

Automotive aftermarket devices now have a choice of either an E-Mark or CE-Mark so there is no need to apply the automotive directive approval. A CE mark to the harmonised EN 50498 standard can be applied instead.


WEMEC has extensive experience in supporting the vehicle manufacturers and suppliers with these tasks, including over 10 years of working on national and international standards committees like BSI, CISPR and ISO.

We engage with design teams at the beginning of a product cycle to help reduce the costs of EMC testing and reduce the risk of failures in the field.

  • Generate test plans
  • Take products through pre-compliance or compliance testing
  • Advise on required test equipment
  • Perform GAP analyses between vehicle manufacturer specifications
  • Liaise with the vehicle manufacturer technical authorities
  • Take products through the Type Approval process
  • Advise on best design practises
  • Consultant on radio performance degradation and best practises


WEMEC has experience with the following manufacturers, covering direct technical assist to the vehicle manufacturer and liaison between the suppliers and the vehicle manufacturer.

Jaguar Land Rover(JLR), Ford Motor Company, General Motors (GM), McLaren, Aston Martin, BMW, Renault, Peugeot(PSA), Nissan, Daimler Chrysler, Bentley, Volvo and many more.

WEMEC can help understand Automotive EMC and fulfil legal and product reliability requirements.