EMC Hire Ltd

EMC Hire – Rental of RF Test Equipment

WEMEC Ltd offers EMC consultancy as part of the partnership with EMC Hire Ltd with a mission to offer an EMC turnkey solution to enable our customers a central hub for all EMC-related needs. Including Test and measurement solutions, Chamber Design, Training, Equipment hire and Equipment procurement.

EMC Hire Ltd is the UK’s largest hire company providing RF and EMC specialist test equipment for a range of sectors. Providing many of the world’s top manufactures equipment for hire, with the latest technology available for common everyday use, to specialist and industry specific needs.

When it comes to RF and EMC testing equipment requirements, EMC Hire provides a specialised approach. Unlike other rental companies, EMC Hire focus solely on sourcing RF and EMC equipment. This enables them to provide an extensive range to support a wide variety of EMC and RF testing requirements, whether this be in accordance with standards, approvals or EMC-related monitoring.

In addition, to equipment hire, EMC Hire engineers in collaboration with WEMEC consultants are able to offer advice for personalised solutions based on your requirements, to ensure you obtain the correct equipment required for specific standards or testing requirements. This means all testing performed is tailored to your specific EMC project and provides accurate data.


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