EMC Control and Test Plan Generation

EMC Control and Test Plan Generation

Using its extensive experience in implementing effective ElectroMagnetic (EM) control strategies, WEMEC can generate, maintain and present EM Control and Test Plans.The defence sector has specific requirements in this area, and with our knowledge of the Defence Standards 59-411, 61-5, Mil Std 461 and European Legislation, we can ensure that the Control and Test Plans meet all of the customer’s contractual obligations and testing is performed in the most efficient way possible with the use of gaps analysis tools, ensuring testing is kept to a minimum, whilst ensuring all requirements have been met

Whats is an EMC Control Plan

In order to forfil customers requirements in particular Def Stan 59-411, an Electro-Magnetic (EM) Control Plan is required which defines the requirements necessary to implement an effective EM control strategy. The EM Control Plan serves to demonstrate an understanding of EM risks, expose any inadequate specifications, assess required resources, permit detailed progress and monitor & define responsibilities. In addition, it serves to co-ordinate the documentation, integration and testing necessary to achieve EMC.

An EM Control Plan is the document which communicates to each person involved in the project, the design guides to be utilised to avoid practices which may cause serious EMI problems. It is the document which will establish the engineering and management
milestones – the tools of effective control. It is also the document which assures the customer Project Manager that the relevant steps are being taken to ensure the eventual achievement of an electromagnetically compatible system.

Whats is an EMC Test Plan

In order to achieve consistency throughout the phases of EM testing, it is essential to formalise details of the test procedures used in the project. The test shall state the interpretation of each test requirement adopted and specify sufficient details of the test procedure to ensure its repeatability, when required. It shall show in detail the equipment configuration, the methods of applying power to the equipment, the application of stimulus signals and the application of electrical or mechanical loading. In some sectors it is formally required that a test plan is generated and approved by the relevant authorities, in particular in the case of Def Stan 59-411, and Automotive OEM specifications.