EMC - ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

EMC is an acronym for Electro Magnetic Compatibility. This means nothing more than “an electronic or electrical product shall work as intended in its electromagnetic environment.

A system which achieves ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) with its intended environment satisfies the following 3 criteria:

  • Its emissions do not cause interference in other systems
  • It is not susceptible to emissions from other systems
  • It does not cause interference with itself

EMC is a specialist area and plays an important part during the design and compliance phases of any product or platform. The consequences of getting EMC wrong could incur significant cost increases due to design changes and further compliance testing. Time scales may not be met delaying commissioning or agreed contract dates.

WEMEC can help prevent this from happening by providing EMC consultants with many years of experience of EMC to ensure all matters relating to EMC are dealt with utilising the best approach possible.

WEMEC’s Consultancy Team has a breadth of skills and expertise allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions ensuring EMC will be managed efficiently, accurately and in a cost effective manner.